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June 24th, 2023 5 minute read Projects
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Over the past week, I've embarked on an exciting new venture: a fansite dedicated to the expansive universe of the Diablo video game series. With previous experience under my belt as the creator of an official Diablo III fansite, I feel a strong affinity for this project. The recent buzz surrounding the game's launch sparked a longing in me to rejoin this vibrant community.

The first order of business was to choose an enduring moniker for my site. My previous platform went by "D3Sanc," an abbreviation for "Diablo 3 Sanctuary." This name resonated with the game's lore, as Sanctuary is the in-game equivalent of Earth. Despite suggestions from loyal followers to simply transition to "D4Sanc," I sought a name that would withstand the test of time. The new site is not intended for a single game, but for all future Diablo games. (I must confess that I neither have the inclination nor the intention to retrofit the site for past games.)

After countless hours spent probing domain availability, I finally settled on a name:

The Worldstone. It was the power of creation and the birth of our Eternal Conflict. From the High Heavens to the Burning Hells, our desire to control that power poisoned its very nature. And so… I gave my life to destroy it. — Tyrael

I've already made headway on the website, with several sections nearing completion. I anticipate that the website will remain a work-in-progress for approximately the next month. After that, I'll be ready to tackle the next intriguing project that comes my way. Admittedly, I've found myself losing interest in playing Diablo IV recently. The leveling process has plateaued, and my character seems to diminish in strength as I advance. On the bright side, this development has freed up considerable time for me to devote to!

For those unfamiliar with the rich lore of the Diablo franchise, let's shed some light on the pivotal role and significance of the Worldstone:

The Worldstone, also known as the "Eye of Anu," "Heart of Creation," and "Heart of the World," is a colossal, mountain-sized object of immense power within the Diablo universe. It was sought by both angels and demons, and was used to create the world of Sanctuary before being destroyed as a result of the Great Conflict. Despite its importance, few inhabitants of Sanctuary are aware of its existence​.

Possessing infinite power, the Worldstone had the ability to shape entire realities or unmake worlds with but a thought. Anything that came into contact with it, even its shards, was altered. The Worldstone itself could be damaged only by exceptionally powerful weapons, such as the blade of an archangel. Even fragments of the Worldstone, such as the soulstones, the Fragment of Destiny, and Blood Shards, possess immense power​.

The Eye of Anu originally lay in the realm of Pandemonium, the scar of the universe's violent birth from the battle between Anu and Tathamet. It was the foundation of all places and times, a nexus of realities. The Worldstone was discovered by the angel Malthael, who named it the Worldstone and swore all of Heaven to protect it. Both Heaven and Hell sought control over the Worldstone, and their desire to control its power ended up poisoning and altering its original nature​.

During the Great Conflict, a group of angels and demons led by the angel Inarius and the demon Lilith grew tired of the endless war and desired a place away from the conflict. They gained access to the Worldstone and used its power to conceal it from the angels and demons still fighting in the Eternal Conflict. They shifted the Worldstone into a pocket dimension and shaped a world around it, which they called Sanctuary. Inarius shaped Mount Arreat as a protective shell around the Worldstone​.

However, the Worldstone's immense power drew the attention of Heaven and Hell, leading to a fierce struggle for control. The escalating conflict began to corrupt the Worldstone, prompting the archangel Tyrael to make a difficult choice. In a selfless act, Tyrael chose to destroy the Worldstone to prevent it from causing further harm. He wielded his archangelic blade, one of the few weapons powerful enough to damage the Worldstone, and shattered it. The destruction of the Worldstone caused a massive explosion that reshaped the landscape of Sanctuary and sent shards of the stone scattering across the world.

Even in its fragmented state, the Worldstone continues to influence the Diablo universe. Each shard retains a fraction of the Worldstone's immense power, capable of causing sudden and violent changes to the landscape. Despite its destruction, the legacy of the Worldstone lives on, forever imprinted on the world it helped create. Its memory serves as a reminder of the great power and the potential peril that can come from the forces of creation and destruction.

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