Diablo IV: Season of the Mismanagement

July 19th, 2023 3 minute read Review
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What on earth is happening over at Blizzard? The latest Diablo IV patch, 1.1.0, released just yesterday, is a true exercise in mismanagement. The lack of understanding and responsiveness to player concerns and criticisms is quite frankly alarming. With Season 1 just around the corner, many are wondering if it's even worth participating given the current state of the game.

Since the majority of players have completed Diablo IV's campaign, they're left facing the end-game - a grind that is slow, tedious, and scarcely rewarding. In a baffling turn of events, Blizzard has managed to make this experience even more of a slog, turning the dial down on fun and up on monotony. The reasoning behind this move is anyone's guess - even the developers might struggle to provide a coherent explanation.

Yesterday's patch inexplicably nerfed every single class in the game, even those that were previously underperforming, such as the Necromancer and Sorcerer. Balancing skills, enhancing and reducing abilities where necessary, is an integral part of maintaining a video game, but Blizzard's blanket nerfing strategy, without any balancing buffs, is perplexing. The reaction from the player base is predictable – disillusionment. It's as though the developers aren't playing the game they're creating, or at least, not at a level where they'd experience the real end-game struggles (like surviving a T70 Nightmare Dungeon).

Furthermore, the path to leveling up has become significantly more arduous. World Tier difficulties now come with minimum level requirements. Previously, you could unlock any difficulty your character could handle. Now, players are locked out of certain difficulties until they reach a designated level (50 for WT3, 70 for WT4). So, if you managed to unlock WT4 in your 50s or 60s, you'll now have to wait until level 70 in the new Season. Prepare to invest countless hours to level up, all the while dealing with sub-par loot rewards. It's a tough pill to swallow.

Helltides were supposed to provide a means to earn great loot and a fair amount of experience. However, Mysterious Chests now cost 250 Aberrant Cinders, a steep increase from 175, without any corresponding increase in loot or Cinders dropped by enemies. Solo players, already finding it tough to gather 175 Cinders, are left high and dry. Couple that with the risk of losing half your Cinders upon death, and it's easy to see why many are frustrated.

And looking at the new mechanics for Season 1, the prospects don't seem too exciting. There's a new boss that you'll probably only fight once, and gems with effects that will likely just add more complexity to the RNG system. While other games are rolling out innovative seasonal updates that revolutionize gameplay, Diablo IV seems to be stagnating.

In short, the future of Diablo IV seems murky at best. Blizzard, we implore you, listen to your community and breathe life back into this once thrilling game series.

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