RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

June 15th, 2024 73 minute read AI
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#8 - Vampyre Slayer

In the "Vampyre Slayer" quest, players are enlisted by Morgan in Draynor Village to rid the village of a vampyre, Count Draynor, terrorizing the locals from a nearby manor. Players are directed to Varrock to consult a former vampyre slayer, Dr Harlow, who instructs on defeating vampyres and provides a stake and stake hammer. With these items and optional garlic to weaken the vampyre, players confront and defeat Count Draynor in Draynor Manor, thus completing the quest.

Vampyre Slayer

#9 - Imp Catcher

In the "Imp Catcher" quest, players assist Wizard Mizgog at the Wizards' Tower to recover four magical beads stolen by imps summoned by Wizard Grayzag. The beads are scattered across Misthalin near elemental altars. Players interact with specialized imps to retrieve the beads; for instance, providing hot water to a sick imp at the Water altar to obtain a bead, and defeating an aggressive imp at the Fire altar for another. Upon collecting all beads and returning them to Wizard Mizgog, the quest is completed.

Imp Catcher

#10 - Prince Ali Rescue

In "Prince Ali Rescue," players are hired to rescue Prince Ali of Al Kharid who has been kidnapped by Lady Keli. Starting by speaking to Hassan in Al Kharid palace, players are led to Osman who devises a plan to disguise the prince as Lady Keli for a stealthy escape. Players interact with various characters, collecting items like a rope, wig, and skin paste, to execute the plan, culminating in a confrontation at the jailhouse to free the prince and complete the quest.

Prince Ali Rescue

#11 - Doric's Quest

In "Doric's Quest," players assist Doric the dwarf by procuring materials he needs to make pickaxes. The quest begins by speaking to Doric north of Falador, who asks players to fetch 6 lumps of clay, 4 copper ores, and 2 iron ores. These materials can be obtained through mining, purchasing from other players or the Grand Exchange, or buying from the Dwarven ore store. Once the materials are collected, players return to Doric to complete the quest and are rewarded with the ability to use Doric's anvils.

Doric's Quest

#12 - Black Knights' Fortress

In "Black Knights' Fortress" quest, players are hired by the White Knights to uncover an evil scheme plotted by the Black Knights. The quest kicks off at the White Knights' Castle in Falador, where players interact with Sir Amik Varze, who informs them about the Black Knights' demands for money from Falador under the threat of invasion. As part of the quest, players are required to infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress to sabotage their secret weapon, which poses a threat to Falador. This quest marks the initiation of the Temple Knight series and involves stages like camouflaging, infiltrating the fortress, and executing the sabotage.

Black Knights' Fortress

#13 - Witch's Potion

In the "Witch's Potion" miniquest, initiated in Rimmington, players assist Hetty the Witch in concocting a magical potion to enhance their dark arts skills. The task begins by talking to Hetty, who lays out the requirement of four ingredients: a rat's tail, burnt meat, an eye of newt, and an onion. Players can find and defeat rats in Rimmington for the rat's tail, obtain raw meat to cook and burn for the burnt meat, and gather an eye of newt from Betty's shop in Port Sarim or Herblore shops. Onions can be found in fields north of Rimmington or behind Fred's farmhouse northwest of Lumbridge. After collecting all ingredients, players return to Hetty, who instructs them to drink the potion from her cauldron, culminating in enhanced magical skills and the miniquest's completion.

Witch's Potion

#14 - The Knight's Sword

In "The Knight's Sword" quest, the player assists Squire Asrol in crafting a new ceremonial sword for Sir Vyvin, as the original one was lost. The quest begins in the courtyard of the White Knights' Castle in Falador, where Squire Asrol shares that the sword was initially forged by the now nearly extinct Imcando dwarves. The player then travels to Varrock to gather information about the dwarves from Reldo, the librarian, who directs them to an Imcando dwarf, Thurgo, residing near the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, south of Port Sarim. Upon meeting Thurgo and offering him a Redberry pie, he agrees to forge a new sword but requires an exact image to replicate the original sword. The player then returns to Falador, retrieves a portrait depicting the sword from Sir Vyvin's room, and takes it back to Thurgo. For the final steps, the player needs to collect two iron bars and mine blurite ore from a dungeon near Thurgo's dwelling, while evading aggressive ice warriors and ice giants. With the required materials in hand, Thurgo forges the replica of the ceremonial sword, which the player then delivers to Squire Asrol, concluding the quest​.

The Knight's Sword

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