RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

June 15th, 2024 73 minute read AI
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#15 - Goblin Diplomacy

In "Goblin Diplomacy," the first goblin quest, players help Generals Bentnoze and Wartface in the Goblin Village resolve a dispute over the color of their goblins' armor, averting a civil war. The generals, unable to agree on red or green, are open to an orange color suggestion by the player. To demonstrate, players need to acquire three suits of goblin mail, dye one suit orange (using red and yellow dyes), and one blue. The quest highlights a humorous approach to solving a disagreement, showcasing the trivial nature of the generals' argument.

Goblin Diplomacy

#16 - Pirate's Treasure

In "Pirate's Treasure," players assist pirate Redbeard Frank in obtaining Karamjan rum, which leads to uncovering the treasure of his former captain, One-Eyed Hector. The quest involves a series of tasks including traveling to Karamja to get the rum, smuggling it back to Port Sarim amidst a ban on intoxicating spirits, and ultimately finding a key leading to a chest in Varrock's Blue Moon Inn, revealing a message guiding to the treasure's location.

Pirate's Treasure

#17 - Dragon Slayer

In "Dragon Slayer," players prove their heroism by undertaking a perilous mission to defeat the formidable dragon Elvarg on Crandor Island. The journey entails obtaining a special shield to withstand Elvarg's fiery breath and assembling a map to navigate to the dragon's lair. Overcoming several obstacles and adversaries along the way, players must eventually face and vanquish Elvarg to earn the honor of donning the powerful Rune Platebody, symbolizing their triumph and valor.

Dragon Slayer

#18 - Druidic Ritual

In the historical "Druidic Ritual" quest in RuneScape, players assist druids in gathering supplies for a ritual to gain knowledge in the Herblore skill, which wasn't accessible until the quest's completion. Initiated by speaking to Kaqemeex in Taverley, players collect raw meats, placing them in the Cauldron of Thunder to enchant them. After returning the enchanted meats to Sanfew, players are instructed on the Herblore skill by Kaqemeex, marking the quest's completion.

Druidic Ritual

#19 - Lost City

In "Lost City," players unravel the mystery surrounding the fabled fairy land, Zanaris. They encounter a group of adventurers in Lumbridge Swamp, who are in quest of this elusive city. Players must sift through the claims to unveil the truth and find their way to Zanaris, the moon of Gielinor. The narrative unfolds as players engage with various challenges to eventually gain access to the magical city, validating the legends and unveiling the secrets that Zanaris holds.

Lost City

#20 - Witch's House

In the "Witch's House" quest, players help a young boy named Harvey retrieve his ball from the garden of a local witch, Nora T. Hagg. Players must navigate through Nora's house, overcoming various challenges, such as unlocking doors and avoiding detection, to ultimately access the garden, retrieve the ball, and return it to Harvey.

Witch's House

#21 - Merlin's Crystal

In the "Merlin's Crystal" quest, players are tasked by King Arthur to rescue the wizard Merlin, who has been trapped in a crystal by Morgan Le Faye. To begin, players gather intel on how to penetrate Morgan's fortress, Keep Le Faye, to learn how to free Merlin. After gaining entry by hiding in a supply crate, they confront and defeat Sir Mordred, Morgan's son. Through various trials and interactions with the Knights of the Round Table, players obtain Excalibur, utter the correct magic words, and eventually free Merlin from his crystalline prison, earning a spot among the revered knights.

Merlin's Crystal

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