RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

June 15th, 2024 73 minute read AI
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#22 - Heroes' Quest

In the "Heroes' Quest," players embark on an endeavor to join the Heroes' Guild in Burthorpe by undertaking a rigorous initiation test outlined by the guildmaster, Achietties. The quest involves three primary tasks, each entailing a unique adventure:

  1. Obtaining the Entranan Firebird Feather: Players must acquire the feather of the Entranan firebird. To do this, they first need to obtain ice gloves to handle the feather. Players venture to the White Wolf Mountain to locate the Ice Queen's Lair, defeat the Ice Queen, and obtain the ice gloves. Once armed with the gloves, they travel to Entrana, defeat the firebird near the law altar, and safely collect the feather.

  2. Catching a Lava Eel: Players are required to catch a lava eel. They must first concoct a blamish oil to create a special fishing rod capable of withstanding the extreme conditions where lava eels reside. After preparing the rod, they either venture into the Taverley Dungeon or the Lava Maze to find a suitable fishing spot and catch a lava eel.

  3. Acquiring a Master Thief's Armband: The details of this task involve engaging with two different gangs, the Black Arm Gang and the Phoenix Gang, to obtain the Master Thief's Armband. It necessitates coordination and involves a series of actions within the respective gang hideouts to secure the armband.

Upon successful collection of these three items and their submission to Achietties, players are granted access to the prestigious Heroes' Guild, marking the completion of the quest.

Heroes' Quest

#23 - Scorpion Catcher

In the "Scorpion Catcher" quest, players assist Thormac, a sorcerer who has lost three of his rare lesser-kharid scorpions. They embark on a mission to retrieve these scorpions from various challenging locations. Players initiate the quest by speaking to Thormac at the Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seers' Village, where they receive a scorpion cage to capture the scorpions. The first scorpion is found in Taverley Dungeon, with further clues and challenges unveiling as players delve deeper into the quest, facing riddles and adversaries along the way.

Scorpion Catcher

#24 - Family Crest

In the "Family Crest" quest, players reunite the fragmented Fitzharmon family crest for Dimintheis in Varrock. Each of his three sons holds a piece. For Caleb, players trade cooked fish for the crest piece. Avan, the second son, desires a perfect gold ring and necklace, requiring players to learn about perfect gold from a boot-wearing dwarf. For the final piece, players aid the third son, Johnathon, injured in the Edgeville Dungeon, by providing an antipoison potion. Upon healing, he guides players to defeat a demon, Chronozon, to retrieve the last crest piece, enabling the reassembly of the Family Crest.

Family Crest

#25 - Tribal Totem

In "Tribal Totem," players aid the Rantuki tribe of Karamja in retrieving a sacred artefact stolen by nobleman Lord Handelmort. Starting with Kangai Mau in Brimhaven, players travel to East Ardougne to Handelmort Mansion, unlocking its doors using information from its gardener, Horacio. They re-label a delivery crate to gain entry, once inside, bypass a coded lock using the code "K-U-R-T" to avoid a trap leading to Ardougne sewers, and retrieve the totem, restoring it to its rightful place, fulfilling the quest's objective.

Tribal Totem

#26 - Fishing Contest

In the "Fishing Contest" quest, players aim to befriend two dwarven brothers, Austri and Vestri, to access the dwarven passage under White Wolf Mountain. Initiated near the mountain, players must win a fishing contest in Hemenster to acquire a trophy for the brothers. They consult Grandpa Jack for contest tips, learn about using red vine worms as bait, and employ garlic to deter a vampyre from a prime fishing spot. Winning the contest and delivering the trophy grants them passage through the mountain, accomplishing the quest's objective.

Fishing Contest

#27 - Monk's Friend

In "Monk's Friend" quest, players aid the monks of Ardougne Monastery to throw a party without setbacks. Initiating with Brother Omad, players retrieve a stolen child's blanket from a thieves' hideout, found in a secret cave under a ring of stones near the Clock Tower. Next, they help Brother Cedric, who crashed his cart and needs a jug of water to sober up, and logs to repair his cart. Once mended, they return to Brother Omad to commence the party, marking the quest's completion.

Monk's Friend

#28 - Temple of Ikov

In the "Temple of Ikov" quest, players are recruited by a stranger named Lucien to retrieve the powerful Staff of Armadyl from deep within the Temple of Ikov. The temple, located near the Ranging Guild, is accessed with a pendant given by Lucien. Inside, players must navigate past skeletons and cross a precarious bridge that requires lightweight equipment to avoid collapse. Eventually, they find a lever that unlocks the path to the staff. Players face a moral decision towards the end of the quest, influencing the outcome and setting the stage for the sequel quest, "While Guthix Sleeps".

Temple of Ikov

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