RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

June 15th, 2024 73 minute read AI
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#29 - Clock Tower

The "Clock Tower" quest revolves around helping Brother Kojo fix the Ardougne Clock Tower's broken mechanism. Players are tasked with retrieving four differently colored cogs from the dungeons beneath the tower. Each cog is placed on a corresponding colored tile, and only one cog can be carried at a time. Players must navigate the dungeon, overcome various obstacles, and place each cog onto its spindle in the tower to repair the mechanism and complete the quest.

Clock Tower

#30 - Holy Grail

In the "Holy Grail" quest, players aid King Arthur in finding the holy grail. The quest starts in Camelot Castle, where Arthur tasks the player with consulting Merlin and Sir Galahad. The high priest of Entrana reveals that the grail is in the Fisher Realm, protected by the Fisher King, who is in trouble. To reach the realm, players use a magic whistle found in a haunted manor in Misthalin. In the Fisher Realm, players defeat the Black Knight Titan and ring a grail bell to enter the castle. They speak to the dying Fisher King, who desires to meet his son, Sir Percival, before departing. Players locate Percival in the Goblin Village and guide him to his father using a second whistle. Finally, players retrieve the holy grail from the Fisher King's castle and return it to King Arthur in Camelot.

Holy Grail

#31 - Tree Gnome Village

In the "Tree Gnome Village" quest, players help the gnomes during the Khazard-Gnome War by retrieving stolen orbs of protection. The quest begins in the Tree Gnome Village, accessed through a maze north of the Yanille lodestone. King Bolren reveals that Khazard troops have stolen an orb, which was moved to the battlefield for protection. Players then assist Commander Montai, who requests six logs to rebuild the battlements. After finding three trackers to obtain coordinates, players use a ballista to break into the Khazard stronghold. By navigating through a broken wall, players retrieve the orb, aiding the gnomes in their defense.

Tree Gnome Village

#32 - Fight Arena

In the "Fight Arena" quest, players assist Lady Servil in rescuing her family from General Khazard. The quest starts near Ardougne where Lady Servil, distraught over her kidnapped husband Justin and son Sammy, seeks help. Players infiltrate the Fight Arena prison by acquiring Khazard armour and tricking a guard. Inside, they find Sammy and retrieve cell keys from a guard by getting him drunk. The rescue mission turns into a series of battles in the arena against a Khazard Ogre, a Scorpion, and Khazard's pet hellhound Bouncer. Players have the option to fight General Khazard himself after defeating Bouncer. Successful completion of these challenges leads to the release of Lady Servil's family.

Fight Arena

#33 - Hazeel Cult

In the "Hazeel Cult" quest, players are given a choice to either help the Carnillean family or assist the followers of the long-dead Mahjarrat Hazeel in resurrecting him. If players choose to help the Carnilleans, they thwart the cult's plans, protecting the family and maintaining the status quo. Alternatively, assisting the cult involves various tasks to gather items for a ritual to resurrect Hazeel. The quest is notable for its moral ambiguity, allowing players to choose between aiding the established order or supporting a seemingly villainous cult. The outcome affects certain aspects of the game world and player alignment.

Hazeel Cult

#34 - Sheep Herder

In the "Sheep Herder" quest, a part of the Elf series, players must contain a plague outbreak in East Ardougne by dealing with infected sheep. The quest starts with Councillor Halgrive near the Ardougne general store, who provides poisoned sheep feed and directs players to buy protective clothing from Doctor Orbon. The main challenge is herding and disposing of the sheep, using a cattleprod to guide different colored sheep through a gate, a task made difficult by their uncooperative behavior.

Sheep Herder

#35 - Plague City

In the "Plague City" quest, players are tasked with solving the mystery of Elena's disappearance. Elena, the daughter of Edmond, has gone missing while helping plague victims in West Ardougne. Players start the quest by speaking to Edmond in the northwestern part of East Ardougne, just north of Ardougne Castle. The quest involves equipping a gas mask and using four buckets of water on a mud patch in Edmond's garden to gain access to the plague-ridden area. The quest's main objective is to locate and rescue Elena, navigating the challenges posed by the quarantined and diseased city. This quest serves as the first episode in a multi-part storyline focusing on a disease outbreak in Ardougne.

Plague City

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