Vue or PHP, Practice or Familiarity?

July 4th, 2023 2 minute read Projects
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I find myself at a crossroads with my recent website. While the site has been thriving and closely aligns with the majority of my initial projections, it stumbles in one critical area—search engine optimization (SEO).

I'm still adapting to the dynamic landscape of JavaScript, having been weaned on the simplicity of its older versions, and maybe a bit of jQuery. The more contemporary variations, Node and Vue, are still novel concepts for me. Over the past few years, I embarked on a self-teaching journey, starting with Node as a backend for a game project I've been tinkering with. Subsequently, I delved into Vue, aiming for an efficient frontend for the game. Naturally, I presumed this new endeavor would broaden my proficiency in Vue. Alas, it's been a detour rather than a direct route.

I've experienced an unforeseen regression, despite the overall performance of the website. The stumble lies primarily in the SEO department. It escaped my foresight that Single Page Applications (SPAs), by their very nature, aren't SEO-friendly since they're precisely that—a single page. This configuration eliminates the ability to update the page's title and meta information as with conventional web pages. Consequently, social platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) struggle to extract accurate information from your page.

Well, that's a tough pill to swallow...

And now, I face a dilemma: do I persist, embracing a new system like Nuxt3 to achieve my objectives? Or do I retreat to the comfort of my established PHP ways? I find myself inching towards the latter, but with a contemporary twist—incorporating advanced frameworks. I have traditionally been a stripped-down PHP programmer, handling everything from scratch. But perhaps it's time to acquaint myself with emerging technologies, Laravel, for instance.

Regardless of the path chosen, rest assured, I'll share an update soon. I'm eager to enhance the site's aesthetics, zeroing in on the ideal layout. So, here's to a journey of refinement and progress!

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