What Is It About Camping?

August 4th, 2023 2 minute read Real Life
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My family and I recently embarked on a camping adventure, though it was more "glamping" than traditional camping. Rather than pitching tents in the wilderness, devoid of modern conveniences like electricity or running water, we opted for something more comfortable. We rented two small 10x10ft cabins at a campground, each equipped with a table, two chairs, two bunk beds, and a nightstand. Joining us were my mother and stepfather, necessitating the two cabins.

Initially, I was concerned about the weather. Michigan has been experiencing a wave of intense heat and humidity, which usually leads to an uncomfortable time outdoors. The thought of being stuck without shade, a breeze, or, most crucially, air conditioning seemed unbearable. However, as it turned out, the weather was nearly perfect.

Our camping trip began later than planned on the first day, as we had to wait for my wife to return from work and pack. With our car's brakes out of service, we made two trips to the campground in our van. Once settled, we enjoyed dinner, a brief swim for the kids, a campfire, and then headed to bed.

The second day of our camping trip was cooler, with some rain in the morning that later gave way to the perfect summer warmth. Our children spent most of the day splashing around in the pond and pool. Fishing was a challenge due to the strong current, making both regular and magnet fishing difficult. But the day was special as we celebrated my stepfather's birthday with ice cream, brownies, and, naturally, another campfire.

The final day was reserved for packing up and reflecting on the experience as we headed home. I found myself pondering the appeal of camping. Although I have a pleasant backyard where I can set up a tent and enjoy a fire, the idea of "camping" at home never entices me. Perhaps it's the enforced simplicity and connection to the moment that makes camping so appealing. I'm already looking forward to next year's trip, although my wife and I have decided to forgo the cabin, as they were not as enjoyable or comfortable as we had hoped.

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