The Balancing Act: Web Development and Fatherhood Under One Roof

August 31st, 2023 2 minute read Real Life
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As summer fades, Michigan's long winters loom ahead. While this typically boosts my work productivity, it also leaves me pondering how to fill my free time. With the kids back in school and shorter days, I often find myself at a loose end. And this year is no different.

My recent venture,, hasn't been as successful as I'd hoped. Although it's faring well for a two-month-old site with roughly 100 daily visitors, it hasn't seen the steady traffic or loyal visitor base I'd anticipated. This, despite my Diablo IV browser extension (Chrome) (Firefox) boasting over 5,000 users, all linked back to my site. As a result, my initial plans to enhance the Diablo fansite have taken a backseat. Instead, I've opted to maintain regular content updates and let the site run on auto-pilot for the time being.

This pause has me contemplating my next move. Should I embark on a fresh website project, revisit past ventures, or perhaps dive into an entirely new realm, like game development? It's an open question, and the answer eludes me.

Financial stability is a growing concern. While a few of my projects still generate some income, it's not as much as before, tightening my financial belt. My ideal next project would offer a reliable monthly income, even if it takes a while to establish.

The life of a self-employed web developer and full-time father to two young boys isn't easy. Balancing work with parenting is a juggling act, fraught with challenges. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Soon enough, my little ones will join their older siblings in school, and I'll be back to solitude in my office.

Financial ups and downs are part of this journey. But I remain optimistic, knowing that when the time is right, prosperity will find its way back to me.

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